Finance the film
Sweet Rabbit has been made with the financial aid of many sponsors and co producers. On march 16th 2011 the Sweet Rabbit promo went "live" on The promo was spread through social media and within two monds the aimed budget of 10.000 Euro was accomplished. The people wanted to support this project because they loved the script and initiative.

Camiel on Crowdfunding
" The unique thing about crowdfunding is the fact that you create an audience for the film while collecting you’re budget. Through the communication with the sponsors and contributors you get in touch with your audience and talk about you’re film before you even shot a single frame. Besides that, crowdfunding gives you the opportunity to work as an independent filmmaker, without interference of a distributor, filmfund or other interested parties. I have to remark that financing a film this way doesn’t pay the bills. The budget is always under pressure and cast and crew work for free. But why work for free? A lot of professionals like to do a freebie once a year. Because we all love film. "

List of sponsors & co producers
Niels Ruitenbeek, Titia Rieter, Tijs van Marle, Peter le Feber,
Pascal van den Berg, George Vermij, Barbara Raams,
Mies van Veenendaal, Esther Scheldwacht, Nelleke Zandwijk,
Astrid Poot, Marieke van den Boomen, Gerke van de Hoef,
Rob Smetsers, Anne Hofhuis, Maartje de Bruin, Victor Nieto,
Anne Geelen, Rozemarijn Schouwenaar, Bart Schouwenaar,
Sonja Dekker, Jacco Visser, Lies Schouwenaar,
Suzan Teutenberg-Haverkorn, Barbara Mulderink, Sanneke Mulderink,
Ben en Anneke Mulderink, Arie Schippers, Stefanie de Brouwer,
Maarten de Jonge, Arda van der Steen, Aty Haverkate, Martha Mojet,
Siem van Leeuwen, Sylvia Drent, Paul de Jong, Yvonne Kroese,
Jolande Junte, Greet van Solkema, 2hoog achter, Chantal Bartels, Charlotte Haasnoot,
Liselotte van der Burg, Frank Hermes, Nelleke Toxopeus, Willemijn ter Weele,
Ferdinand Dalmulder, Joop de Jong, Jan Westhoff, Frank Oudshoorn,
Gooise Psychologen Praktijk, Liselore Ammerlaan en Illya trentelman, Tjaco Cuppen,
Garmt Koopmans, Edwin en Clemence Schaafstra, Elise Klein Wassink,
Richard van den Berg, Esther van Oirschot, Peter Kempeneers.
Arthur de Froe - UnitD,
Aldo Paula -,
Simon Brester - Amsterdam Film Commision,
Ronald Lampert - Ad Smelt BMW Naarden.

Supported by Turing Foundation.