Janet lives a lonely married life with her grumpy husband Arnold, until she discovers that her ears are changing into rabbit ears. When the doctor can't cure her 'disease' she is looking for help at her family, but they reject and ignore her for her ears. Janet turns back home and finally shows the divergence to her husband. This leads to a surprising resolution.

It all started with a book...
The film Sweet Rabbit is based on the story A Sweet Rabbit by Imme Dros. Two years ago director Camiel Schouwenaar read the story that inspired him to make the movie. In a joint venture with award-winning writer Maureen Versprille they wrote the script and decided to make an independent film. They financed the film with the help of Cinecrowd - a crowdfunding platform for independent filmmakers. Producer Smit&Jansen was approached to produce the film and in February 2012 they started shooting.